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George Thoupos, President

Professional Expertise 
Extensive knowledge, experience and education regarding all aspects in the field of Dental Technology including Fixed and Removable Prosthetics, all varieties of Implant Technology, Hybrid Implants and Precision Attachments.  Extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of laboratory procedures including Metal framework design both fixed and removable, Porcelain application to Metal framework and All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges.  Extensive knowledge and experience with case planning techniques and procedures for predictable, functional and aesthetic results.

Professional Work Experience

President and founder of P.G. Dental Laboratories, a Maryland Corporation since 1978, a full service custom dental lab with emphasis on Cosmetic Restorations including All Ceramic Crown & Bridge, Veneers, PFM Crown & Bridge and all manner of Implant Technology.  Developed the Graduate Prosthodontic Laboratory at the University of Maryland Dental School working directly with the Post Grad Prosthodontic students.  Taught full denture techniques including preliminary and master impression taking through completed cases in the Basic Dental Sciences Laboratory for Undergraduates.  Served as Part Time instructor at both Columbia University in New York City and at Temple University in Philadelphia in the Post Graduate Prosthodontic Departments teaching all aspects of Dental Technology including framework design and porcelain application as well as reviewed implant treatment plans and all implant component selections with the Graduate Prosth students. Served as part time instructor with Dr Clifford Fox in the Introductory and Advanced Seminars on Occlusal Studies.  Published two articles in implant journals on casting implant connections on multi- implant restorations as opposed to soldering or welding and a highly accurate impression technique for multiple implants which includes a verification jig for verifying the master cast.

Education, Training, and Certifications

Graduated from Community College of Baltimore Dental Technology Program.  Completed 3 years Biology Major at UMBC before transferring to CCB Dental Technology Program, Certified in both Crown and Bridge and Ceramics. Completed both the Introductory and Advanced Seminars on Occlusal Studies with Drs. Clifford Fox, Asterios Doukoudakis and Peter Neff.

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-Dr. Jay, December 2011
George works along with his wife, Susan and daughter-in-law, Chelsea.
P. G. stands for "Praise God." It is meant to reflect a feeling of grattitude for the doctors and people that work for the lab.
The feast day of Saint Apollonia, the Patron Saint of Dentistry, is February 9th.

Thank you for the successful year of happy patients.  I could not do it without your skills and the entire staff under your supervision