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Look at what people are saying about us
-Dr. Kevin, September 2012
Things like this make dentistry more fun.  Thanks for taking on the special request! 
To everyone at the Great P.G. Laboratory, George, please thank all your highly skilled, conscientious, professional staff for the continued superior cases I receive daily. I just seated a difficult case and it went perfectly - text book!!!
-Dr. David, October 2010

Thank you for taking the time to make our patient's Veneers perfect.  I appreciate your emphasis to the details!
-Dr. Jay,   November 2011
Thank you for the successful year of happy patients.  I could not do it without your skills and the entire staff under your supervision.
-Dr. Jay,  December 2011
Thank you for the beautiful crowns.  They are both comfortable and aesthetic.  As you can probably guess, I am one of Steve's greatest challenges.  I grew up as a candy eater and am so lucky I married a dentist with a great lab.  Steve is so appreciative of your fine work too and has been so fortunate to have found your fine lab.
-Sandy,   July 2010